Car rental terms and conditions

Please read carefully the car rental terms and conditions


All reservations are based on vehicle category and not on a certain car. In case that our company has no availability on a certain category, reserves the right to offer a car of a bigger category to the customer with no extra charge.

In case you need a particular car type, please send us a specific inquiry in the following email

Insurance coverage

The hired vehicles are with insurance that covers the driver, the passengers in the car and fire

Renters are also insured against third non-occupants of our cars

Not covered by insurance

Damages to glass, mirrors, tires and the underside of the car are not covered by insurance

Damages caused by alcohol or drug abuse are not covered by insurance

Damages caused inside and under the car are not covered by insurance

If the driver of the vehicle is not authorized as a driver in the rental contract, damages are not covered by insurance

If the driver does not take all necessary precautions to securely park and lock the car damages are not covered by insurance

Any damage caused as a result of driving the vehicle to a road that was not suitable is not covered by insurance

If the car is illegally parked, all damages, offences and fines are not covered

Road assistance

Technical car repair service and replace of a car if breakdown is provided

V.A.T. and local taxes

All taxes and VAT are included in the agreed price

Road map

Free road map is provided

Delivery in Karpathos island

Delivery and pick up to hotel,airport or port with no extra charge

Vehicle Transfers / Transport by ship

Transfers between islands and transport by ship are not allowed. Damages caused to the vehicle during transportation are not covered.

Age of driver

The driver must be at least 23 years and has the driving license at least one year, no charge for extra driver.

Driving License:

Current European license, Greek or International.

Lease Time

The time of rental agreed by our office and the lessee. The minimum is one day.

Offences and fines

All traffic violations during the rental charged to the, lessee.


The car returned to the same quantity of petrol that was on delivery

Baby seats – Booster

Baby seat or booster on request is free of charge